Working Groups

Each working group consists of representatives from each CIMAC, assisting in the development of specific aspects of the CIMAC-CIDC network that pertains to their respective expertise.

The Biobank Working Group is primarily responsible for the development of a system for specimen tracking, accessioning and management. This includes the discussion of centralized LIM system, potential use of APIs, and of pertinent SOPs and workflows. Furthermore, this working group will also assist in the development of SOPs for sample collection across trials for specific assay platforms.

The Clinical Trial Coordination Working Group is tasked with the identification of clinical trials for the correlative biomarker studies. This group will address the process of working with the individual trial networks or trial groups supported by grant mechanisms as well as general scientific considerations for biomarker and platform selection.

The Assays/Platforms Working Group is in charge of the development of basic quality and control (QC) parameters for clinical specimens to be analyzed as well as the process and workflow for cross-network standardization and analytical validation of assays. This group will also select the assays, develop the criteria for their prioritization and approval, and assign assays to each CIMAC based on resources identified.

The Bioinformatics Working Group will be responsible for the standardization of data collection methods and data interpretation for use across the network. This group will also provide centralized biostatistics, bioinformatics and computational biology expertise for data analysis and interpretation. In addition, they will evaluate the association between assay results and therapeutic response.

The Database/Software Working Group will address data collection, develop common data standards, focus on the integration of data across different trials and establish the data repository for the network.