NanoString™ Technology (nCounter®)

The nCounter® analysis system from NanoString™ is a probe-based technology for quantification of RNA transcripts that can analyze up to 800 genes simultaneously. Unlike qPCR, the nCounter® assay does not include an RNA amplification step, so the readout is the actual number of transcripts detected, and the impact of RNA degradation is reduced, leading to superior assay precision. The system can directly assay tissue and blood lysates as well as Formalin-Fixed Paraffin- Embedded (FFPE) extracts.

The CIMAC Network uses the PanCancer Immune Profiling Panel, an nCounter panel optimized to develop profiles of the human immune response in all cancer types. This 770-gene panel includes markers for 24 different immune cell types and populations, 30 common cancer antigens, key checkpoint blockade genes, and genes representing all categories of immune responses.

NanoString is available at MD Anderson, Dana Farber and Mount Sinai CIMAC sites.