CIMAC-CIDC Network Assays

Each CIMAC provides a wide range of state-of-the-art analyses for genomic, phenotypic and functional assays using analytically-validated platforms and harmonized protocols to allow comparison of datasets across all CIMAC sites. The following table shows the availability of each assay in the network. More than one CIMAC laboratory may collaborate on a single trial to provide multiple specialized assays. For more information about a specific assay used by the CIMAC laboratories, click to view the available SOPs (links below). New assays continue to be added to the CIMAC repertoire, and this page will be updated with additional information as it becomes available. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Tissue Imaging

AssayTierDFCIMD AndersonMt. SinaiStanford
Multiplex Immunohistochemistry and Immunofluorescence1 
Conventional Immunohistochemistry1
Multiplexed Ion-Beam Imaging (MIBI)2   

Cell Profiling

AssayTierDFCIMD AndersonMt. SinaiStanford
Mass Cytometry (CyTOF)1 
High-dimensional Flow Cytometry2


AssayTierDFCIMD AndersonMt. SinaiStanford
RNA Sequencing1  
Exome Sequencing1  
TCR/BCR Clonality2 
Single-cell TCRseq2  
HLA-Seq: Epitope Prediction2  
Neoantigen Prediction2  
Cell-free DNA (circulating tumor DNA)2  
Epigenomics (ATAC-Seq)2   
HTG-EdgeSeq (gene expression)2   
Microbiome (16S Deep Sequencing)2  
Single-cell Transcriptome2  

Cytokines/Serum Analytes

AssayTierDFCIMD AndersonMt. SinaiStanford
O-link Serum Cytokine Analysis1   
Seromics-ELISA/Grand Serology2   
MesoScale Discovery2